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US& Canada Trade Data include US Bills Export Data, US Bills Import Data, USStatistics Import and Export Data, US Trade Flow data, US Exporters andImporters, Canada Trade Flow Data, and Canada Exporters and Importers, datasample of which can be viewed and searched on the following hyperlinks:

Hundreds of importers use our service to view US Bills ExportData. Our customers don't just rely on their suppliers' words. They accessdetailed customs records to verify their true shipping volumes and customerlists. They can search by company name or product keywords to identify themanufacturers already supplying their competitors, from world-class brands tosmall-time importers. By providing real-time data on the actual U.S. exports ofnearly every overseas supplier, we enable importers to identify reliablemanufacturing partners for any product.

Dozens of companies use our US Bills Import Data to identifygenuine sales prospects for their goods and services. Manufacturers, freightforwarders, customs brokerages, warehouses, and trade finance groups are allusing US Bills Import Data to find real companies already buying the productsthey sell.