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We have two products:Global Trade Data (GTD) and Global Research Report (GRR). Details are as follows:

1. Global Trade Data(GTD) Global Trade Data(GTD) tracks shipping activity around the world to show you exactly what’shappening in the global trade business. Global Trade Data unlocks global trade!Our global trade data platform can help you identify suppliers, connect withnew customers, and learn about your competitors' supply chains. There are 6kinds of Global Trade Data (GTD) that Global Trade Data Technology Company canprovide:

1) Global CustomsData (GCD) with Importer, Exporter, and HS Code, covering 22 countries: China,Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine,Kazakhstan, United Kingdom (UK), Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, CostaRica, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela, searched by HSCode;

2) Global Bills Data(GBD) with Consignee (Importer), Shipper (Exporter), and Actual Detailed ProductDescription, covering 7 countries:USA,Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Honduras,Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador, searched by Productkeyword;

3) Global TradeStatistics (GTS) with HS Code, Product, Country, and Port, covering over 50countries such as China, European Union 28 Countries, Japan, and USA, searchedby HS Code;

4) Global Trade Flow(GTF) with HS Code, Month, and Partner Country, covering over 100 countriessuch as Australia, China, Egypt, South Africa, Singapore, and Taiwan, searchedby HS Code and Reporting Country;

5) Global Exporters& Importers (GEI) with HS Code and Product, covering over 100 countriessuch as Canada, Spain, and Australia, searched by HS Code or Product Keyword;

6) Total Trade Data(TTD) with HS Code, Month, Total Quantity, and Total Value, covering 174  countries such as China, European Union, Japan,USA, and Australia, searched by HS Code and Reporting Country;

Total 175 countries trade data is availablein Global Trade Data Technology Company -

China Trade Data include China Customs Data(CCD25,CCD42), China Customs Data withDetailed Product (CCDD), China Both-side-company Data (CBD),China Statistics Data(CSD),China Trade Flow Data(CTF), China Exporters and Importers (CEI), and China total import and export tradedata;

US & Canada Trade Data include US Bills Export Data, US Bills ImportData, US Statistics Import and Export Data, US Trade Flow data, US Exportersand Importers, Canada Trade Flow Data, and Canada Exporters and Importers;

Indonesia & India& Asia Trade Data include Customs Import andExport Data of Indonesia, India, Viet Nam, South Korea, Kazakhstan, etc., andPakistan bills Import and Export Data, Asia Statistics Import and Export Data,Asia Trade Flow Data, Asia Exporters and Importers, and Asia Total Import andExport Data.

Mexico & Brazil& Latin America Data include Customs Import andExport Data of Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, etc., and Hondurasbills Import and Export Data, Latin America Statistics Import and Export Data, LatinAmerica Trade Flow Data, Latin America Exporters and Importers, and LatinAmerica Total Import and Export Data.;

Russia & Ukraine& Eastern Europe Trade Data include CustomsImport and Export Data of Russia and Ukraine and Eastern EuropeStatistics Import and Export Data, Eastern Europe Trade Flow Data, EasternEurope Exporters and Importers, and Eastern Europe Total Import and ExportData;

EU 28 Countries &Western Europe Trade Data include UK Customs Importand Export Data, and European Union 28 Countries Statistics Import and ExportData, Spain Exporters and Importers, Western Europe Trade Flow Data, and WesternEurope Total Import and Export Data;

Australia & NewZealand & Oceania Trade Data include Trade FlowData of Australia, New Zealand,Fiji, Samoa and French Polynesia;

South Africa &Egypt & Africa Trade Data include Trade FlowData of South Africa, Egypt, Botswana,Morocco,etc..

Data Availability details are in Country List covering 175 countries.

2. Global Research Report(GRR)

By surveying andresearching, based on Global Trade Data (GTD),Global Trade Data TechnologyCompany can also provide the following 6 kinds of Global Research Report (GRR):

1)Trade ResearchMonthly Report (TRMR),Monthly Updated;

2)Trade ResearchYearly Report (TRYR), Yearly or half-Yearly Updated;

3)Custom TradeResearch Report (CTRR), Custom-made by specified requirement of customers;

4)Custom TradeStatistics Table (CTST), Custom-made by specified requirement of customers;

5)Company CreditResearch Report(CCRR);

6)Global MarketResearch Report (GMRR), by surveying comprehensive information and analyzingdata from our Global Trade databases, Financial Database, and Economic Database