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We have live daily global bills Data (GBD) with Consignee, Shipper, Date, and Actual Detailed Product Description since 1997 onwards.

Global Bills Data (GBD) is searched by product description wise (product key words) online. You may view and download data entry wise and analysis report automatically generated by the data in our online system.

You can also subscribe Global Bills Data (GBD) by providing product description (product key words) and countries. We will send you data by email according to your subscription. Also, we can give you user ID and password, and then you can download your subscribed data.

Global Bills Data (GBD) include Consignee (Importer), Shipper (Exporter), Notify Name, Carrier, Actual Arrival Date, Actual Detailed Product Description, Origin Country, Destination Country, Port, Bills of Lading Number, Weight, Quantity, Container, etc.. You will get complete details of company such as Name and address of company, complete contact details, Email Address, Contact person, Designation, etc. You may communicate with buyers and suppliers directly as per your requirements.

Hundreds of importers use our service to view Bills Export Data. Our customers don't just rely on their suppliers' words. They access detailed customs records to verify their true shipping volumes and customer lists. They can search by company name or product keywords to identify the manufacturers already supplying their competitors, from world-class brands to small-time importers. By providing real-time data on the actual exports of nearly every overseas supplier, we enable importers to identify reliable manufacturing partners for any product.

Dozens of companies use our Bills Import Data to identify genuine sales prospects for their goods and services. Manufacturers, freight forwarders, customs brokerages, warehouses, and trade finance groups are all using Bills Import Data to find real companies already buying the products they sell.