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Big Trade Data Limited. (BTD), a IT(DT) Company for International Trade, is founded in 2004 with the aim of accurately documenting import and export transactions, and has been at the forefront of delivering business intelligence on foreign trade activity. GTDT is recognized as a global leading and most trusted supplier of Global Trade Data and Global Research Report, which are often cited in courts of law, and widely used by famous market research companies, industry associations, governments, multinational corporations, and companies engaged in foreign trade business. GTDT is the largest provider of China trade data in the world, and the largest provider of Indonesia, India, USA, Mexico, Brazil and Viet Name trade data in China and Australia.

Global Trade Data Technology Ltd. (GTDT) owns a professional IT, DT and foreign trade research team composed of over 100 renowned experts. GTDT has intimate relationship with government agencies, and has trusted partners all over the world. GTDT owns two marketing centers. One is global marketing center in Sydney, Australia, The other is China marketing center in Beijing, China. Moreover, GTDT has 26 sales agents in other places. Since 2004, GTDT has served thousands of customers from over 60 countries. Our customers include many of the world’s Fortune 500 companies, and some of the world's top importers, exporters, freight forwarders, logistics companies, manufacturers, investment banks, financial analysts, which rely on GTDT to develop an enhanced understanding of global trade information.

We gather and capture the correct raw data and unstructured data of more than 200 million records added each year from various countries' custom and ports, then use a new and better software solution we developed to sort, analyze, process and convert it to build the world's most powerful and accessible database of global trade intelligence. Our own professional and comprehensive global trade database is ensured by our specialist team the best data source for our clients. Presently we have the most up to date and most detailed database of 175 countries. On the basis of global trade data, We also provide global research reports according to the needs of our clients. That is, we have two products: Global Trade Data (GTD) and Global Research Report (GRR). Details can be viewed on : Our Produts

Our reputation for reliability, efficiency and service is affirmed by the number of satisfied clients that continue to benefit from our systems year after year. Combining experienced professionals in the global trade field with the latest technology to analyze the international marketplace, GTDT continues to evolve.